The Call to hack open the care system!

Call for initiatives to hack health and social care.
Do you have an idea, concept or proposal to improve or simplify the care of health at any age? An open medical technology or social service design? Be curious. Be bold. Be radical. Click on the OpenCare logo to complete the entry form and Register!

We're looking for any of these ingredients, or combinations of:
  • Hacking society for good
  • Hacking the care system
  • Hacking medical technology
  • Hacking social and medical care with a community-driven mindset for a better quality of life.
It begins with something you hear, something you see, something you become aware of- until there is an idea!
Initiatives can be simple or complex, organizational or technical. It can be something you saw and you think we can try something similar in Europe. It can be either the re-design and making of new things financially accessible or custom made with do-it-yourself technologies. Or, maybe you already have a prototype that needs to scale-up, a new organization for community services, a social movement or new regulations to open up the care of health and the welfare of society. Propose your initiative and you may get help in taking it further.

How and when to apply:  NOW and HERE!

What is OpenCare? The promise of bridging the gap between mainstream health care and community health care embracing a collective approach. From movements to makers, by communities, for communities.

Who can participate: you and me!
You have a story about receiving or giving care and you think it can be replicated elsewhere, or you have a non-conformist maker approach designing DIY health instruments and devices. Maybe a social entrepreneur and generative of change, or a creative radical who wants to transform the way medicine and social care work.
You are European or you live in Europe. An empathetic critical thinker or entrepreneur or inventor with a passion for improving life conditions. You have an appreciation for being part of an open participative effort and embrace your idea in any stage between ideation, feasibility, design and prototype, develop, startup and scale-up.
And the most important, does it improve a person’s life?
Aspects of interest:
  • Regulations, shortcuts through bureaucracy, redesign society and set new rules.
  • Open models for delivering medical care, including preventive and recovery.
  • Open technology and makerspace, do-it-yourself, hacking (again!)
  • Communities, social groups, demographics, ecosystems, animals.
Open solutions for problems where the established organizations, infrastructure, products and services simply failed to satisfy the needs of the people. Solutions fuelled by community needs and DIY maker technology. Solutions that leverage on existing conditions for new ways to deal with how we care for each other but also opens up the inventive side of makers.
If you have any, or a combination of the above, let it be an initiative!

Click to Propose your initiative!

What if I am selected:  You will be invited to participate in Deep Games- the workshops to bring the ideas to a higher level of refinement, enriching it with the help of experts and specialists in adjacent fields to create a viable initiative from the original concept entered in the Call.
Even if the initiative is not selected for Deep Games, it will be taken into account for research. You will be invited to contribute to share your story on the OpenCare collaboration platform. The goal of that research is to explore improvements and changes to the social and medical care systems of the European countries.
There is the possibility that your initiative might get support as a spinoff project for you to take it forward.