Closing the Call. What you need to know

SCimPulse Foundation returns to CERN IdeaSquare, this time to meet with the crew of WeMake, partners in the Horizon 2020 OpenCare consortium. Today we use Lego Serious Play (LSP) to facilitate communication amongst the partners in preparation for the upcoming event in November, 2016, Opencare@CERN.

The IdeaSquare building is located 100 meters above the largest nuclear experiment yet created by man: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) where the 26.5 kilometer-long accelerator impulse a 7-cm bullet made of protons, at 0.999997828 of the speed of light and colliding with an energy of 13 TeraElectronVolt (TeV). It's like two cargo trucks colliding at two thousand km/hour head-to-head, now make it as small as a very heavy grain of sand close to the speed of light!

The day begins with a soft sunlight cutting through the chilly alpine morning into our "playroom". Five players, one facilitator and one "journalist" (yes we just made up this title). Within the OpenCare project we experiment with game science to stimulate and impulse ideas forward. The OpenCare consortium initiated a Call in June, 2016 to Hack Open the Care System. Click on the Opencare logo at right to go to the Call.

We are still accepting entries for the Call until midnight, Saturday, 8th of October, 2016. Click HERE to enter your initiative!

The meeting is in LSP format, so we start with the models: what is already there to make it happen? Followed by, what do you think other people's perception or expectations are? Finally: what is the vision of success for this event? The group builds a shared model using all the individual models together.

Then we play one round of what we call "strategy in real time" to play scenarios, possible alternatives and considered risks and options. The top simple guiding principles for the event is "Enjoy your flight", pictured here at left*.

Based on that principle, the participants will be contacted directly via email, then followed by a videoconference. Mentors will be invited personally by the OpenCare partners. All new developments will be communicated through this blog. Subscribe to stay informed.

Closing the Call on Sunday, October 9th!

The form to enter initiatives will be taken offline overnight. enter yours HERE

To all Participants! Mark your agenda: You may be invited to Switzerland at CERN on November 7th through 9th, 2016 for the OpenCare @ CERN sessions!

The selected initiatives will be announced on the 2nd week of October and contacted by email. Expert "Mentors" will be personally invited to share their valuable skills, knowledge, experience and insights that will contribute to develop the idea further. The Mentors will be participating in the in the same workshop with one of the competing teams. They will be selected depending on matching profile with the initiatives.

When? Here is the complete EVENT CALENDAR

Additionally we will have three facilitators coming from abroad, and the “journalists” ... remember, the title we just made up earlier in this post?

To be continued……

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*photos by: Silvia D'Ambrosio, WeMake